I’m a writer and producer living in Los Angeles, with over a decade of professional experience creating content across media for diverse audiences. My clients have ranged from pop culture icons and former FBI agents to major media companies and a world-renowned auction house.

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About Ben Raphael Sher, Ph.D.

Ben Raphael Sher

I’m an experienced writer, producer, and researcher with a diverse portfolio.

I use the power of words and media to effectively tell my clients’ stories, ranging from intricate real life murder mysteries to compelling product promotions, always with a keen focus on engaging the right audience for optimal impact. My clients have praised my research skills, particularly my ability to find stories, uncover information and locate individuals (be they interview subjects, the one person who can verify a fact, or the right crew member).

I’ve produced documentaries and podcasts on various topics for companies such as AMC, Audible, and Discovery ID. Between 2021 and 2023, I served as a pop culture specialist, cataloguer, and copywriter at the world-renowned auction house Julien’s Auctions, where I curated and catalogued high-profile auctions and wrote and produced a variety of marketing materials.